-     Different Types Of Phone Cases     -

- Different Types Of Phone Cases -

So, you’re interested in phone cases and are researching where to look, which style of phone case might suit your lifestyle, and how your company uses phones. Where do you begin? What type of phone case do you need? In our ultimate guide, you will learn the different types of phone cases, what you need to consider before you purchase.

Factors To Consider

Looking for new cases can be overwhelming if you haven’t decided on what feature you need. Here’s a quick and straightforward guide on what you need to consider before making a purchase.


You’re purchasing phone cases for a reason – to protect your phone. But the bit that matters here is where you need protection most. Do you need additional protection on the front? Or protection for the back? Do you need a case that will prevent dents on corners or chips on the side?


What style of case aligns with you and your brand or your company? Are you looking for a glossy or marble style? Or maybe a classic matte. There are a ton of them to choose from. You can also create custom styles that are unique to your brand.

Screen Protection

Do you want to protect the screen from scratching and fingerprints? Some phone cases will protect the screen while others will not. Some phone cases will have a lip that rises past the edges of the phone.


What kind of color do you need? Do you need Pantone, pastel, or neon color? Do you need custom hues such as ombre and watercolor, or would you be satisfied with a stock color? Perhaps you’d like to integrate the color of your company’s brand for your custom case as well


Do you want an image or a company logo printed on your case? Do you need the logo embossed, and do you want your cases as soon as possible?

Types Of Phone Cases

Phones are an indispensable part of our lives, and they are more than just technological marvels, which is why we should decorate and protect our phones.

Check the different types below to see which one is right for your phone.

 Hard Phone Case

So what is a hard phone case exactly? A hard phone case is typically a hard shell-like case that is molded precisely for a specific phone version that snaps onto the phone. It will usually cover the back of the phone and its four corners. They typically are quite thin and lightweight, adding not much bulk to the form of the phone.

Hard phone cases regularly come in clear and transparent or multiple colors, and often in matte and gloss finishes. They protect the phone on the back and sides from bumps, drops, and scratches. Ultimately, a hard case is a great, simple, and lightweight way to protect a phone without adding much weight or bulk, so you can still appreciate the phone’s style as it is.

 Gel / TPU Phone Cases

What is a Gel Phone Case? TPU, which is short for thermoplastic polyurethane, is a material based on plastic and has properties such as elasticity, transparency, and strong resistance to oils and liquids. Gel phone cases are usually slim and lightweight, come in a range of colors, and have a matte or gloss finish. These cases can withstand bumps and scratches very well and, because of their elasticity, are very durable and will not crack or break. Gel cases will protect the phone on the back and sides of the device.

 Silicone Phone Cases

What is a silicone phone case? Modern silicone phone cases are typically made from ‘liquid silicone’. You may wonder what a liquid silicone phone case is. Liquid silicone is different from old soft silicone in that it is much harder and similar to a gel phone case in its elasticity. Typically, these cases are a matte finish, are light to the touch, and can resist fingerprints and dust. They cover the back and sides of the phone and protect them in the same way that a gel cases do. They are very popular due to the feel and finish they offer.

 Rugged Phone Cases

Usually, these are tougher than regular hard or gel cases. These cases can come in a range of styles within themselves, and the word ‘tough’ is subjective as it depends on how tough you would like your phone case. You can determine this by how and where you will be using the phone. Many people in the construction industry or industries operating outdoors like more robust phone cases. Some tough cases provide just an extra-strong reinforced shell type of case, which is open, and others can include a complete tough shell that covers the front of the device as well. Usually, when marketed, the tough phone case providers market them as protected for military drop tests up to 15 feet, for example, along with IPS water protection of varying scales. Due to these factors, they are usually a bit heavier and bulkier than standard hard and gel phone cases. But they are a popular case style as evidenced by their ongoing sales. 

 Wallet Phone Cases

These are a popular style that doubles as both a phone case and a wallet. They are usually made from leather, often in PU (polyurethane) leather, but also found in authentic leather. These cases have a polycarbonate insert that the phone can be clipped into and then a surrounding leather on the back that can be folded over the front of the phone. The front part is opened like a book to access the phone and the wallet section. The wallet section of the phone usually can store 1-4 cards in a standard credit card size. These phone cases look good if you’re looking for a leather style phone case, and they are also great as they protect the front of the phone. So if your phone is kept in a bag, then this can help protect it from scratches. These phone cases are very protective due to the inner hard case and the outer leather case. The only drawback is that they can be a bit bulky in the pocket due to the front and back protection. If there are cards inside, they can add more thickness. Overall, it is a popular style of phone case that continues to have demand. 

 Leather Phone Cases

Leather phone cases are a popular higher-end style of the phone case. They are similar in weight and form factor to the other gel, silicone, and hard cases but are made from leather (real or PU leather). Some manufacturers produce these cases with a hard inner shell that is then covered with leather, and then the inside lined with felt. Others make them from leather with a slim flex-like inner layer, which is not a hard poly-carbonate plastic. These cases can be found in a range of colors and finishes and are a popular high-end style of phone cases.  

Flip Phone Cases

Flip phone cases are similar to a wallet style phone case. They can even be flip wallet cases or just a flip case without the wallet aspect. They usually have an inner poly-carbonate shell, and the front flips down vertically from the top or the bottom or horizontally from the left to the right. The draw of these cases is the look of them, in that they are a leather style. They are protective of the front, back, and sides of the devices, and usually come in a range of colors. They are not as popular as the wallet style case, however.

Phone Pouches

Phone pouch is not a case but still is a popular way to personalize a phone and protect it from scratches. They can be made of vinyl, nylon, etc. and can come in a range of designs. They are simple, quite inexpensive, and can look beautiful. They are not a very popular form of protection, as most people prefer cases that are a bit more protective.

 Customized Phone Cases

In the modern era where the market is saturated with fantastic devices, the phone accessory industry is vast and teeming with products. It is no surprise that customized phone cases are in demand now. If you want a style that stands out from the crowd, you can personalize the case according to your brand, making it unique.

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