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Green Science DIY Natural Materials Enviro Battery Kit

Green Science DIY Natural Materials Enviro Battery Kit

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1. Learn the science behind the power, Enviro-battery uses natural materials like mud,lemons,and water to power a light bulb, a environmentally, friendly science kit that includes detailed instructions so you can create many unusual batteries with fruit juices,vegetables,coins,utensils,and more.
2. Contents: 4 zinc plates(silvery grey), 4 copper plates(brownish), 4 connection wires, 2 plastic cups,1 paper cup, 2 specially designed bottle screw caps, 1 light tower with LED lamp,1 sound chip, 1 LCD watch moment with protective cover, 1 set transparent adhesive tapes, 1 set experiment instruction guide with experiment record sheet and fun facts.
3. Enviro battery work: your enviro battery works by immersing a pair (or pairs) of connected zinc and copper plates into an aqueous medium such as a potato, mud, water, or a piece of fruit. The zine plate is the negative electrode; The copper plate is the positive electrode, when the metals are immersed into the electrolyte, a chemical reaction takes place. The acid in the electrolyte breaks down the atomic structure of the copper and zinc, causing individual electrons to be released. Zinc is a more reactive metal than copper in this chemical process, it generates electrons faster than copper in this chemical process. The excess electrons flow from the zine plate to the copper plate. This flow of the electrons form a reactive metal to a less reactive metal forms a small cureent which is strong enough to power a small light bulb, a small watch or a sound chip.
4. Potato power: make a potato powered clock
5. Musical mud: make a sound-chip sing
6. Water wonder: make a battery with water
7. Paper clip party: make a paper clip battery
8. Crazy coin: make a coin battery that sings
9. Freaky fork: Make a fork battery
10. For ages 10 and up

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